When I chat with people, I can only remember only two or three of these cute things!

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Bruce Springsteen

Greatest Hits.

It’s been a year since this album was released. This packs all of his best stuff such as ”Born to Run” and ”Secret Garden”. Bruce Springsteen is an artist full of creative momentum and enough energy to serenade a whole arena of people begging him to play just one more song before he leaves. Playing this album on my Hi-Fi, energized the whole room with his brand of dark, captivating energy and cured me of me from pangs of boredom and loneliness.

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Be a Man! Not some guy!!!

The difference between guys and men is still unclear to a lot of women, here are a few examples that apply to dating, being in love and showing affection , T.L.C..whatever you call it…

A guy uses women to build his self-esteem. A man already has it.
A guy likes to “hang out” with a woman he’s interested in. A man asks her out.
A guy doesn’t make a move until he’s sure there’s no risk. A man is bold and clear with his intentions.
A guy plays games with a woman. A man has no time for games because they keep him from getting to know the woman.
A guy will become bitter and angry with a woman when she denies him. A man accepts that dating involves risk.
A guy fears and worships women. A man respects and adores them but fears and worships only God.
Guys are cool and indifferent. Men are hot and passionate

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A year. A thousand kisses. And now a thousand one, a thousand two. There are so many other places we could have ended up, but I have to believe none of them would have felt this right. “All I want is you” is not entirely true. I want so much more, and with you I think I can get it.

The Realm of Possibility, David Levithan

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